Friday, April 11, 2008

Pushing spring.

While cleaning out the yard in preparation for yet another exciting season of kayaking, I couldn't help but put my 17 foot Cape-Horn out on the edge of the wharf.

It is as if by doing so, one could hurry spring along.

In order to put the kayak on the dock, I had to walk over 100 feet of winter-packed snow that was still 6 feet deep in places.

I gently tied the bow unto an anchor that had wintered the pier, and wrapped the stern and rudder section with 5/8 inch poly mooring. The other end was clinging to a 350 big block Chev that was some 200 feet out into the harbour.

Was the kayak going to blow away? Not on my shift.

You see I had decided to permanently keep the kayak on the wharf because over the winter, and while launching, I had nearly slipped in to the wet,and on occasions, with not much to cling to but an ice-coated grump, much like an exaggerated corn dog with a head.

So here you have it, she is waiting for me out on the wharf, like an old obedient bird-dog waiting for its master's nod, just to slip into the sea for its next fetch.

The only difference is that the dog has to be fed and the Kayak don't.

So the question is: Have you walked your kayak today?

Life has its seasons and in perfect order.

Another day @ Dorim's wharf.

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