Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's gotta be spring, cause it's a two for one sail.

I finally worked on the old truck today.

I had no choice, as she didn't want to stop, and to avoid the embarrassment of having to get it removed from the land-o-wash, I deemed it necessary to have a boo at it.

I loosened up the front brakes, with a sledge and some used transmission fluid.

After a long struggle with the back brakes, I finally admitted it would be a job for the professionals.

Too much to do and too little time, and of course, with the wind pushing from the north east, and with the sun screeching through the westbound clouds, gave me two great resons to be on the water.

Just gotta go.

I went in the house, cleaned up and prepared for yet another venture.

While retrieving my cell phone from the charger, Martine informed me that tomorrow we would be getting guests from the States 'via Corner Brook', and that
they were interested in renting a double kayak, weather permitting. Just what I wanted to hear, yippee, a reason to get another boat out of storage.

So I hiked down to the Harbour to my friend Stefan's place, where I store the kayaks for the winter.

I thought I would kill two birds with one stone.

So I put two boats in the water, and towed the old yellow double with the single.

Good workout for the shoulders, as once you're on the water, you've made the commitment, and it's your responsibility and yours alone to get to home-base.

You know, evan as a child I always liked the idea of towing something, perhaps it has to do with always having one of my younger siblings on a sled or a stroller or being towed by my grandfather in the flat.

Not sure, but it's a nice feeling that triggers warm fuzzies in my inner man.

I arrived at the Inn, only in time to go back out on the water with Christopher, one of our guests from Switzerland.

As we headed down the coast, we stuck close to the shore as the wind was gusting to 20 knots at times.

You know, I find that I treat people as if they were one of my siblings or a tourist, as I point out the simplest things as if they had any significance in the real world.

It's just something I do, I draw from the rocks and the cliffs, stories that have to be told, or not!

But I do anyway. The way I see it, we hear stories from around the world daily, that have no bearing on us, so why not share with someone that Richard's Head, is the highest point in Burgeo, and that on occasion I've been known to take the odd enthusiast up to its summit.

Or why not tell them that above the rock face of Boar island's west point, one might find a pair of nesting Bald Eagles.

But that's all small talk and it don't matter, or does it?

So tonight the singles are on the dock and the old yellow double awaits tomorrow's guests.

It's all great fun really, water, sky, and the great outdoors.

Just a little dab of liniment for my shoulders and I shall call it a day.

And as the winds lift the wings of the eagle, so too has my spirit been lifted today.

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